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Referd is your go-to app when you need to get introduced and recommended to key people confidentially.

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Invite and Evaluate

Privately invite your contacts and evaluate your relationship with them according to three simple criteria:

Your contacts will also privately evaluate their relationship with you in order to accept your invitation.

Your relationship evaluations, contact list and mutual contacts with other members will always be private.

Get referred with confidence

Reach your target in two ways:

Referd will privately find and ask your best mutual contact to approve your request before relaying it to your target.

When the target accepts your request, both of your profile details are exchanged and you will know the name of your best mutual contact.

If your request was rejected by either parties, the identity of your mutual contact or the one of your target (if you provided a profile only) will remain undisclosed and your request will eventually expire.

Unlock the power of trusted referrals

As a member seeking a personal referral, let Referd privately find your best mutual contact.

As a mutual contact, accept to refer your valuable contacts and add your personal recommendations. You can exchange private messages with the target until the latter accepts the request.

As a target, enjoy the privilege of having your best mutual contacts refer you to other members.


Badih Saikali

Co-founder & CEO

Henri Asseily


Constantine Nicolaou

Co-founder & CTO


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